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Hi ! welcome everybody !!!

Here is my online FB (Friendship Book), the best place to find pals and swappers from all over the world !

Most of the people who visit this site already know about fb's, but if you have never signed any, look at the page Introduction.

That Introduction page can also be useful for the people who already know (or think they know) fb's : please read the 2 lasts paragraphs, thank you !

Furthermore, in FB's we also use a lot of abbreviations and we don't all know all of them. So I tried to set up a list, I hope it will help you !

After that all, I think you're ready to start swapping fb's !!! But for making nice ones, you can find some nice pictures here :-)

And now... don't hesitate to complete and sign in my online FB !

Thanks mates !!!!


Loads of love,